Semi Annual meeting / event

Twice a year DSO Ignite will host an educational event aimed at creating an environment for networking, resource development, and education of course. This event will take place in various cities across the country and will have some great speakers across various industries and disciplines as guests. It will provide an excellent opportunity for you, and your executive team, to make personal connections that can further your company and the practices you support.

Database information

DSO Ignite has compiled a vast list of potential resources and possible contacts for every step of the journey to making all of our vision a reality. We have a multitude of people who can help guide us all collectively, to grow our groups. In addition, we have compiled an extensive database of financial and educational resources that can help us all develop our practices, and us as leaders and innovators.

Networking opportunities

One of our biggest goals is to provide a plethora of networking opportunities. These opportunities to connect with peers and mentors alike will provide us all with the unique chance of exchanging ideas and communicate with like minded individuals and innovators. The inspiration that is garnered from other professionals, along with the educational value of such interaction, is priceless in the pursuit of making all of our visions into a reality.

Expansion opportunities

DSO Ignite, through the intricate networking system and vast database of possible resources, can help our groups with expansion both in the short and long term. Through these vast systems of people and resources, we can grow both in the short, and long, term. Quality, growth, and calculated expansion are some of our main passions and together we have the ability to help make that happen.

Vendorship services

One of the many benefits of joining DSO Ignite is in the relationship with our vendors.  Our vendorship services enable us all to experience top level services at prices that will be advantageous to our goals.  Our vendors have been hand selected after a thorough scouting process and offer our members different rates and deals on services rendered.  Some of the vendors that we work with cover services such as: Midwest Dental MWA Advisors Waller Law Painfree Dental Marketing And more…

Central Services sharing & economies of scale

DSO Ignite members can share their support services including: Associate doctors talent acquisition, HR services, IT support services, Revenue Cycle Management (Billing), Credentialing, Strategic Development, Marketing and market analysis, and more.


DSO Ignite participates in lobbying. This communication with lobbyists and legislators will enable us, and our members, to change our industry for the better, enable progress, and better serve our practices, our companies, and our communities.

Connect with Legislators and Lobbyists

Connect with Legislators and Lobbyists to help create bills and laws to better serve the communities and the offices serving the communities.

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